Custom Mixes


Interested in a custom mix for your workouts or fitness classes? We are now offering our services: you pick the songs, tempo, genre, length etc, we make you a professional quality mix.

We offer mixes for all types fitness classes, including:

-Indoor Cycling


-Circuit Training



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Do I Go About Ordering a Custom Mix? 

A: Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Q: What Info Do You Need?

A: When contacting us, please let us know the desired length of your mix, what tempo (BPM) you’d like it to be, and if there is a theme or any specific artists/songs/genres that you’d like on your mix. The more specific you can be, the better. If you have a list of songs ready, that would be most preferred, so please send it!

Q: Can I have My Mix Split Into Tracks, Rather Than One Big File?

A: Yes! We offer custom mixes as either one continuous file, or as an MP3 playlist that plays continuously but you can also skip tracks on. There is an additional $5 charge per mix for this.

Q: How Much Do You Charge Per Mix?

A: Our basic rate for a one-hour custom mix on MP3 is $50*, via Paypal. To have it as an MP3 playlist is an additional $5. Prices may vary slightly depending on the conditions of your mix. We will give you an exact quote for the mix once you give us the details of the mix.

*Note: this rate is a single-instructor fee. Different rates will be applied to mixes for multiple instructors/entire facilities.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get My Mix?

A: Typically, the mix will be ready within 3-4 days after payment is received, depending on the type of mix that you order.

Q: What If I Want To Change Something On My Mix After I Listen To It?

A: The price of the mix includes one round of edits, so if you listen to the mix and decide you want to swap out a song or change song order, we’ll take care of it. Any further edits will be done for an additional fee.

Q: Do You Make 32-Count Mixes?

A: Yes. If you request a 32-Count mix, we can make it for the same rate as a regular mix, with the condition that all transitions will be 32-Count. If the songs you want on the mix do not fit the 32-Count frame and they need to be edited, this can be done for an additional fee.

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